If you sign my guest book and provide me with your email address, I'll let you know when I can offer adoptable sig tags again.

~There are no adoptables at present time!~

Unfortunately, due to time and health constraints, I am not making adoptable sigs. I hope to be able to make them for you again, some time soon. If you have signed my guest book, I'll be letting you know when I am making sigs again.

Update: June 28, 2008

As some of you know, my husband Ron suffered a massive heart attack, and underwent heart surgery in November, 2007. It's been a long, difficult recovery, but he is improving. My life changed immeasurably that day in 2007. My hobby of making Incredimail Stationery and adoptable sig tags for those who wanted them has fallen by the wayside. I still make Incredimail letters, but only on a limited basis. As I find the time, I will start adding new ones to this site.

Thank you to all my online friends who have understood why I couldn't be a part of the online community in the past year.

I apologize to those who have looked for me in "A Tinker's Dam" and did not find me there. I just haven't cared about updating this web site, with my husband so ill. Life has been nothing but Doctors and medical bills for months now. Add to that some computer problems too.

Hopefully, things will be better soon.


#CA1 "Me Too!"

#CA2 "Bunny Bluebell"

#CA3 "Grow Old With Me"

#CA4 "Help From A Friend"

#CA5 "Nanny Boo Boo Sig Pig"

#CA6 "Lollipop Lollipop!"

#CA7 "Mousie Name"

#CA8 "Flip Flop Bracelet"

#M9 "Just Hangin"

#CA10 "Up Up and Away!"

#CA11 "Disney Bracelet"

#CA12 "Ruby Animal Bracelet"

#CA13 "Hurricane Lamp"

#CA14 "Froggy Slider"

#CA15 "Eagle Hope"

#CA16 "Friend in Deed"

#CA17 "Kitty and Bee"

#CA18 "Me Next!"

#CA19 "Popcorn Mousies"

#CA20 "Cheesie Wrapup"

#CA21 "April Showers"

#CA22 "Bluebird of Happiness"


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