This is my "Favorite Links" page, and I'd like to tell you about some of my favorite places!

My Favorite Links

Budding HTML Gurus
A Tinker's Dam
More Favorite Places


Budding HTML Gurus

"Budding HTML Gurus"! Without their help and expertise I wouldn't have been able to create this web site. This is a fantastic group...the instructors are all knowledgeable and helpful. The lessons and HTML aren't easy, but they make it seem so. Thank you Jenni, for providing these lessons at no cost, and thanks to all the Instructors, especially my group Instructor, Julie.

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Here is the link for Budding HTML Gurus:

* Budding HTML Gurus *


Here is the link for A Tinker's Dam:

* A Tinker's Dam *



More Favorite Places

I'm sure you would enjoy all these forums. All require you to join, but if you're totally addicted to Incredimail Stationery, Sig Tags, PSP, Tubes, Help, and Friendly People, you must try them! I have made many good friends in these groups.

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